Study Tools & Tips

Good Evening Y’all,

Below is linked the pdf to the “Study Tools & Tips” document I created during my spring break. I decided to make this document because, in my early college years, I had no idea how to study efficiently and it overwhelmed me. This is basically what I wish I would have been taught at an earlier age! This is not an exhaustive list, but I think it is a great place to start. Please keep in mind that these are only the things that I like and use and they may not work for everyone.

I advise you to seek help from the tutoring center or learning center at your campus for more individualized attention. I LOVE THE LEARNING CENTER TILL THIS DAY, even after using them since undergrad years & even after achieving stellar grades. It gives me a space to discuss questions in groups and with people who have different strengths than myself. Definitely reach out to your school if you feel that despite great efforts you are struggling; I have met people who had no idea a learning disability was keeping them from improving until they got tested! We all learn differently and may require different strategies.

I hope these tips can help you further improve your grades and reduce your stress when it comes to feeling prepared for a test. Reach out on here or on Instagram if you have any questions! Go out there and make yourself proud!

P.S. The document is written as if I am talking to you, so don’t mind the long sentences.

Link to “Study Tool & Tips”:

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